Our Path to God


Our Path to God

When you experience an unsettling feeling, an emptiness inside, a nervousness without cause, a desire for more than the humdrum repetitiveness of daily life, it is time for you to start your spiritual quest, to find your path to enlightenment, your connection with divine truth.

Your soul beckons you to search for the meaning of life. It draws you toward the awareness of your true nature, that you are more than the physical shell that houses the spiritual you inside. You are part of all that exists, a divine loving being.

It's time for you to accept life's challenges, to learn how to love yourself and others to the fullest extent, without reservation, without holding back, without judgment. It's time for you to go with the ebb and flow of life, taking responsibility for your actions, using your free will to explore life without interfering with the free will of others.

The Meaning of Life and Finding Our Path

The meaning of life is to experience life to the fullest, to make many choices, always choosing the one that brings you the greatest joy without interfering with the free will of others. The goal in life is to become an expanded being, to achieve a loving, whole feeling of being connected to everyone and everything, at peace inside and in tune with your true nature as a spiritual being of the divine force some call God or Spirit.

The Path to God

The limitless number of faiths is as individual as we are, but further analysis of some of history's most sacred books reveals the same spiritual ideas about the true nature of all things in existence. At the core of all truth is the same concept, that love is the force that binds us all. That although our bodies are mortal and therefore experience fear and doubt, our spirit is immortal and knows only love and peace.

The Golden Rule is a common thread in many historic religious teachings of how to treat others as we wish to be treated. It is important to have faith that there is a higher meaning to life and a spiritual state of being worth achieving. We are all connected and therefore will find that we need to learn to live together in peace and harmony.

Let us learn to allow others to find their own truth, to not let prejudice take hold of our heart and evoke harsh feelings if their path is different than ours. Consider the lesson in the famous The Blind Men and the Elephant story. Your acceptance that others are seeking their own truth in their own way using their own free will is part of learning to love others.

What Is Spiritual Enlightenment and Faith

When you seek to understand what life is all about, you will learn to open your heart, to love all including yourself, to feel your connection with others. Faith is believing in a higher order to life, that life is more than a random set of occurrences. It's believing in a power which is the source of all life that connects all life forms: an energy that is responsible for all life as we know it.

The road to enlightenment begins with a spiritual awakening drawing you to find the higher power which binds all, eventually leading you to your higher purpose. Once you achieve your higher purpose, the road will end in a fulfilled, blissful state of love and inner peace.

How to Find Lasting Happiness

There are many goals that people pursue in the quest for happiness. As with most aspects of life, it's about balance. When you spend too much time on any one thing, you may be missing out on finding true happiness and joy in life.

Examples of a life out of balance, these are the top offenders that some drive themselves to achieve, yet fall short in the satisfaction department when all is said and done.

  • Working to obtain power over others is one of the ego-based goals that can bring temporary highs, but in the long run can lead to an insatiable desire for more control and will most likely end in a feeling of emptiness.
  • Fame is another of the ego-based pursuits that can bring temporary highs, but may also lead to a feeling of isolation and loneliness.
  • Devoting the majority of your time in the pursuit of accumulating wealth can also bring temporary highs, but if it's the only goal you are pursuing, it may also lead to a feeling of insatiable desire for more as well as a lack of satisfaction or appreciation for the important things in life such as spending time with friends and family. It's another choice that can lead to loneliness.

If make time for your inner quest for spiritual enlightenment, you will learn what true love is, and what the most important aspects of life are. Once you start to achieve enlightenment, many important doorways will open up for you in all aspects of your life. You will achieve a peaceful, loving harmony that will fill your heart with joy.

Once your discover your life's purpose, you will experience a fulfillment, and will no longer crave those material things which left you feeling empty in the past. You will also attract other loving people into your life.

Let divine truth light your path to inner peace.

Where to Find Sacred Texts

Links to sacred texts are on our "World Religions" chart. Others sacred texts can be found online at www.sacred-texts.com


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